Skills Training & Labs


CSCLV has two Clinical Workstation Labs, which are primarily utilized by the two Nursing schools to teach repetitive skills based tasks on a variety of low and mid fidelity trainers. Here we utilize IV Arms, Chest Tube Manikins, and Ear Exam Heads to teach the process of the many specific and complicated skills necessary by both Nursing and Medical Students. Each room has 24 laptops for student use, as well as Smart Panel technology for the teaching faculty. Unique in these rooms are the Doc Cams that videotape faculty demonstrations from above, allowing all students to see specific hand movements.


CSCLV also provides students with a 12 bed Ward so that proper body mechanics and lifting techniques, as well as bedside manner can be taught to groups of 24 students at once. Additionally, this room has full range beds and lifts found in typical hospital settings.

Watch the video explaining how the Center operates and manages these skills labs.

Watch the video explaining how to use the Laerdal Virtual IV Simulator.