Research – Ongoing Projects

A High Value Cost-Conscious Care Curriculum Using Simulation for Residents and Student


Dr. Susan Knowles, MD, Dr. Aditi Singh, MD, Dr. Ranjit Makar, MD, Dr. Sandhya Wahi, MD, Dr. Kartika Shetty, MD

Specific Aims

  1. Implementing a high value, cost-conscious care curriculum for students and residents using didactics and small group sessions modified from the American College of Physician’s High Value Care project. Based on previous experience, we believe simulation will be a novel and effective tool in teaching learners about the practice of high-value care. In addition to pre-and post-didactic surveys, we are implementing serial simulation exercises to help assess effectiveness of the curriculum. Health care costs will be itemized for each simulation session as a means to provide feedback to modify future decision-making behavior. We successfully completed our first simulation exercise using the high-fidelity mannequins, and are currently planning a standardized patient experience for spring 2014.